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Tiny House Under Construction T-Shirt - Red (w)

Tiny House Under Construction T-Shirt - Red (w)


An awesome $18 Tiny House t-shirt that lets you show that your tiny house dreams are under construction.  

You might be either thinking about or planning your tiny house, building your tiny house, or deciding where to place your tiny house or you are a builder, realtor, or some else that is helping others with their tiny house dreams that are under construction come true.

A portion of the proceeds for each t-shirt will go to charity.

Shipping for 1 to 2 t-shirts is $6.45 and shipping for 3 or more t-shirts is free.  Orders will be shipped USPS Priority Mail which includes USPS Tracking and up to $50 of insurance. 

If you wish to place an International order, please contact us at to discuss your shipping cost before you place your order.